Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some Aircraft T-50 TNI AU Allocated As for Aerobatic

Aircraft T-50 TNI AU and color scheme Blue Eagle aerobatic team (all photos: Chosun)

Site Chosun on January 3, 2013 then download the latest photos from T-50 TNI AU has finished assembled. Subsequently the aircraft will enter test flight / flight test prior to submission to the Government of Indonesia.

Indonesia has sign the contract worth 400 million USD in 2011 for the provision of air skadron or 16 T-50 aircraft. Aircraft delivery schedule is planned to be done in this 2013.

Aircraft T-50 Golden Eagle aircraft will replace the position of Hawk Mk-53 as more trained jet fighter aircraft in Skadron 15 Iswahjudi, Madison, East Java. When in 2013 Hawk Mk-53 aircraft made ​​this British BAE will dipensiunkan then the airplane was used operationally for 32 years within the TNI AU, because the aircraft comes in 1981, so a long trip devotion for this aircraft.

Air Skadron (Skadud) 15 is a Tactical Combat skadron as he was Hawk Mk-53 as well as more trained aircraft, also have a ground offensive combat capability (ground attack). Previous Hawk Mk-53 Wing located at 103 Skadik Education (Wingdik) 1 Lanud Adisucipto, Jogjakarta. Skadik 103 managed to move the location to Lanud Iswahjudi albeit Lanud organization into alignment Adi Sucipto, but in 1999 until now Hawk Mk-53 included in the 15 Combat Tactical Air Skadron under the same Iswahjudi Lanud, Madison.

The surprise of the color display aircraft KAI T-50 made ​​in Korea this is the color scheme of the provision for Aerobatic aircraft. Blue-yellow color applied to aircraft T-50 is identical with the color scheme Aerobatic Team "Blue Eagle" popular in the 1990's.

Blue Eagle aerobatic team formed in 1995, with six F-16 aircraft from Air Skadron mark 3 Madison to mark the 50th anniversary of the Indonesian Armed Forces. "Blue Eagle" `even managed to appear at Singapore Airshow 1996 before dissolved in 2000.

Hawk Mk-53 TNI AU but never follow in Aerobatic Team "Jupiter Blue" that formed after finishing "Blue Eagle", the new team is a combination of aircraft: three Mk-53 Hawk, the Hawk Mk-109, and two F- 16. Unfortunately an accident involving two aircraft Hawk Mk-53 in 2002 until it disbanded Aerobatic Team.

In her native South Korea, aircraft T-50 Golden Eagle is also used to specifically skadron 239 aerobatic is based in Wonju Gangwon province using T-50 aircraft for aerobatic team "Black Eagle". Teams with aircraft colors black-white-yellow, began using the T-50 aircraft since August 2009, before the aircraft used is the Cessna A-37B Dragonfly. "BLAC Eagle" with the T-50 aircraft have repeatedly come abroad, of which enliven follow Waddington International Air Show Royal International Air Tattoo and 2012.

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