Sunday, January 27, 2013

Charles de Gaulle entrance to the pool

Thursday 24 January 2013, at 9 am, the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle entered into a major river Vauban Toulon naval base. This delicate maneuver, for a building of this size, made ​​with the service port means (SMP), marks the beginning of the construction phase including requiring interventions under the waterline.

The last "move to stand" with passage of this magnitude in the basin took place four years ago. This time, the work will cover the entire facilities of the aircraft carrier, the deck to the hull through the kitchen or machines. Not less than 5000 lines of work will be performed by the contractor DCNS and crew of Charles de Gaulle, to treat obsolescence and restore its potential.

After twelve years of operational activities, including support of ISAF in Afghanistan repeatedly and Operation Harmattan in Libya, the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle will have traveled the equivalent of twenty-three world tours and proven if need be, its operational efficiency.

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