Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Chinese Y-20 made its first test

December 24, 2012, the Chinese military forums have posted photos of a prototype transport aircraft Y-20.

The unit has conducted taxi tests in a testing center in northwest China in the afternoon of 21 December.The test would have started at 10:23 to start warming up the engines, followed by a slow driving on the test track at 10:40.

The prototype of the Y-20 engines would use Russian-made D-30KU a mass of 2.3 tonnes and a thrust of 103 kN used in the IL-76, which China has a copy.

This new heavy military transport aircraft would be the first manufactured by China must comply with the following parameters: 47 meters long, with a wingspan of 45 meters, 15 meters high, and a takeoff weight of 220 tons. It will fly at an altitude of 8000 m with a cruising speed of Mach 0.7 Mach. Cruising speed at low altitude will be 630 km / h with a ceiling of 13,000 meters.

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