Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Standard Military Pattern Vehicle for the Canadian Army? It Will Take A While.

The Conservative government’s program to buy new trucks for the army, originally announced in 2006, is being rebooted. One problem however. No one involved in the process can say when such vehicles may be delivered.

Industry officials with meet with government representatives in one on one meetings scheduled to take place Jan. 17 to 20 (this Thursday to Sunday….are they actually going to meet Saturday and Sunday?) to discuss the proposed purchase of the Standard Military Pattern vehicles.

The trucks were originally supposed to be delivered in 2008. The project was considered a priority because the vehicles they are to replace have become a safety hazard, with faulty brakes and excessive rust.

The program has been stalled for years. Some in industry figure it won’t be until 2018 before the trucks are delivered to the army. After all a request for proposals has yet to be issued.

As I reported in the Citizen, one industry rep who has watched this program for almost a decade now (it was around in 2003-2004) said the standard military pattern (SMP) truck project should be renamed “FUBAR” a popular military acronym to identify something that is screwed up beyond recognition.

Here is the official Public Works response on the SMP sent to Defence Watch:

“The Government of Canada remains committed to consulting with industry when developing documentation for Requests for Proposals. This helps to create an efficient procurement approach to properly meet the needs of our client department in order to procure the much needed equipment for the Canadian Army. The main objective of the industry consultation process is to validate with industry certain aspects of the Standard Military Pattern vehicles acquisition and provide industry an opportunity to meet with Government representatives to discuss their views. Their comments will be taken into consideration.

Industry one-on-one meetings will be held in January 2013.  The Government of Canada will analyse the information obtained from the consultation process in the finalization of the SMP RFP. The intent is to issue the RFP following the analysis of the consultation process.”

So when will the analysis of the consultation process finish? Who knows?

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