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The 9th edition of AIRSHOW CHINA was held from 13 to 18 November 2012 at ZHUHAI GUANGDONG province. This exhibition brought together 650 exhibitors from 39 different countries on 28200m2 and 80 Chinese and foreign aircraft. The group AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China) and the consortium CASIC (China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation) occupied more than half of the available area to present the latest technical innovations in the fields of space, aeronautics civil and military, air defense, ballistic missiles. The main hall when with him, was mostly dedicated to foreign exhibitors including France with the Safran Group, EADS, GIFAS, Russia, Ukraine, the USA and Italy. More than 300,000 visitors and all public made the trip to attend daily aerial demonstrations and visit booths. Thirty foreign delegations moved to learn about the latest technologies and international Chinese. Finally, this 9th edition has seen many contracts and partnerships in the field of civil aviation between international companies and the Chinese government.
Among the many materials and equipment presented in this edition it should be noted:
  • The presentation of the model of the multi-role combat aircraft of the Chinese AVIC
  • Dynamic presentations of the gunship Z10 Chinese society Changhe Aircraft Industries and Z19 of Chinese society Harbin Aircraft Corporation Industrrial
  • The optronic LOONG EYE IEO Turner Chinese AVIC Group
  • Static presentation of the drone LOONG WING 01 Chinese AVIC Group
  • The full-scale reproduction of the spacecraft Tiangong-1 Shenzhou manned spacecraft docked at-IX
  • The troop transport vehicle MRAP CS/VP3 the Chinese company China South Industries Group Corp.
  • System of air defense FD 2000 Chinese CASIC consortium.


The company Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation presented in preview and dynamic demonstration, the new attack helicopter Chinese Z10A .


Developed since the early 1990s, this is the first helicopter attack aircraft means tonnage produced by China. It has a tandem cockpit, an electronic tamper partial, two half-blades each hosting two hardpoints weapons, a gun turret mounted under the front of the cab and optronic devices for navigation and the use of arms consists mainly of rockets and missiles Air / Ground last generation.

Class helicopter with 5 tons of combat capability "all time", it entered service in the Chinese ground forces from December 2010.

Stealth Fighter (AVIC)

The main novelty of AVIC International Holding Corporation to show Zhuhai 2012 was the presentation of the model of the future multi-role aircraft Chinese. Announced as the new concept of stealth Chinese fourth generation, this device would be rather predestined to international defense market. This model concedes an uncanny resemblance with the hunter registered "31001" observed the plant Shenyang Aircraft factury last October.

Stealth Fighter


Officially presented exclusively dynamic presentation at the second day "General Public", the Z19Wsociety HARBIN Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation is the latest evolution of the multi-mission helicopter Z9W . Unlike its predecessors, it has a cabin and two tandem wing media weapons. Device lighter and more compact than the Z10A the Z19W be used for reconnaissance or support and protection.


Loong Eye-EO Turret I (AVIC)

Helicopters Z9W the Chinese Army are equipped with optronic device Loong Eye-I EO Turret of AVICInternational Holding Corporation . This system provides the ability navigation, observation, description, guide and shooting in the visible and in the infrared as well as telemetry, a designator and a laser pointer.

I Loong Eye-EO Turret

Wing-loong system 1 (AVIC)

The drone Wing-loong one was presented in static situation outside. Equipped with an electro-optical device ventral allows search, tracing the transmission of information land sites outside observing its operators. It also has two hardpoints under the wing armament for destruction of ground targets.

Its total mass at launch is 1200 kg, including 200 kg of warheads (bombs and missiles) and 275 kg of fuel.With a wingspan of 14 m and a length of 9 m and a height of 2.7 m, the maximum flight speed is 280 km / h for a total range of more than 20 hours and a maximum altitude of 7 000m.

Wing-loong one

C312 (Avicopter)

The company AVIC International Holding Corporation presented the latest version of civil the AC312 .This is the first time that this unit is observed with all systems required missions "Search and Rescue" (SAR - Search And Rescue ).

This helicopter, with a total mass at take-off 4250 kg, is equipped with two engines Turbomeca Arriel 2Cdeveloping more than 2 x 800 hp at takeoff. It can carry up to 1600 kg payloads combined with 900 kg of fuel. Its wing consists of a main rotor with four blades and a rear anti-torque device type fenestron.


The main equipment of the AC312 version SAR consist of:
● an optronic device PLY-2 of CAMA Measurements & Controls ;
● a flagship research SX-16 Nightsun of Septrolab ;
● speakers TS92-02XN of Northern Airborne Technology ;
● a conveyor sling S1609-E of Indraero Siren Equip ;
● a winch 44301-10-9 Model of Goodrich .

CS/VP3 (China South Industries)

The importance of living continues to increase and this ninth edition welcomes for the first time the large group China South Industries which has a diverse range of vehicles, aero-demolition bombs dropped, armored air defense and beyond the field of aeronautics several armored troop transport whose CS/VP3designed around a frame V characteristic of vehicle MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush-Protected Vehicle), it protects its occupants from the effects of mines and small arms, the bulletproof glass have a firing port.Originally designed for the transportation of troops and equipment to the front, it is easily adaptable to rescue missions or law enforcement.


SharpEye (Wangjiang Industry)

The extension of the exhibition areas can accommodate bulky as other gear system SharpEye companyWangjiang Industry that integrates in a single vehicle, storage, transportation, catapult launch system and the checkpoint for 3 drones 115 kg recoverable by parachute and ball. They can provide over 4 hours to turn reconnaissance of the battlefield day and night within a hundred kilometers to the ceiling of 5000m, by embedding a payload of 20kg.

SharpEye CHINA_AIR_SHOW_2012
SharpEye system

Casc the spatial domain with Missiles

The CASC (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation) , which forms a business consortium of states, several strong research academies and leading tens of companies, has therefore naturally a space. The group enjoys a wide hall, largely occupied by the full scale model of the experimental space laboratory Tiangong-1 , coupled with the manned spacecraft Shenzhou-9 , to celebrate the arrival of the 3 crew members including the pilot Liu Yang, the first Chinese woman in orbit . Satellite applications presented highlight export services. The navigation system Beidou poised to provide global positioning service throughout Asia next year, which will be extended globally by 2020.Receiving and processing data or meteorological earth observation. The first observation satellite VRSS1exported by China with associated infrastructure that enables Venezuela complete autonomy of shooting the dissemination of images. But the future platform DFH5 whose draft was seen in 2010 are preferred satellites DFH 3 and 4 sold in Pakistan, Nigeria and Venezuela . The company of the great wall (CGWIC) , a commercial subsidiary of the group, also sign an agreement during the fair to sell a complete system of geostationary telecommunications with the Democratic Republic of Congo , the satellite will be delivered into orbit less than three years.

Satellites enforcement CCAC

Models of the range of launchers long march 2, 3 and 4 and Series 5 long walk always expected for a first launch in 2014, since the new space center in Wenchang take, great place next to another vector that prestige is the lunar exploration program. The launch in 2013 of the third mission Chang'E initiate the second phase of the project, it will be this time arise smoothly to land a rover with six wheels . This autonomous rover avoid obstacles and select the suitable locations to examine the surface and underground, with optical sensors and radars, will be sampled. After fully realized its lunar mission until June 2011, rather than crush them deliberately as the first, second probe Chang'E II in August 2011 joined the stable point around the earth-sun Lagrange L2 1 5,000,000 of the earth, to wait for the next passage of the asteroid Toutatis geo-cruiser closest to earth December 12, 2012, then the next day Chang'E II.

Chang E lunar CHINA_AIR_SHOW_2012_Programme
First and second phase of the lunar Chang'E

CAST 50, 100 and 150

The new entity of Research and Development, Aerospace Dongfanghong ltd. in Shenzhen , founded there yet less than four years, has already resulted in three new satellite platforms, CAST 50, 100 and 150 . The engineering model is set close to the technology demonstration satellite which will be launched before the end of November, the bus accepts 110kg payloads experiment from 50 to 70 kg. The goal of becoming a leader among global producers of microsatellites, by making an assembly plant of 46,000 square meters will be operational in late 2012, the annual production rate will reach 8 to 10 satellites by 2015 .

CHINA_AIR_SHOW_2012_ Satellite Platform \ 's experimentaion CAST 150
First Prev microsatellite series CAST-150

Mainly engaged in the design manufacture and launch of space systems, the CCAC is nevertheless more military equipment and actively seek other export opportunities through its other subsidiary business ALIT (China Aerospace Long- International market).

CH4 - A & B (CCAC - ALIT)

ALIT this drone Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) CH4-A , which can be fitted according to the wishes of its customers a combination of cameras and electro-optical infrared laser measurement or target designation serve as relay communications, or be equipped with a synthetic aperture radar. Version of CH4-B of similar appearance can be used to combat missions, taking up four precision-guided bombs (about 60kg each) or as the model set of air-ground missiles AR-1 for fixed targets or low velocity as tanks (up to 8 km, 16 optional). With 345kg payload instead of 115kg, the fuel on board is reduced, the range of the CH-4 remains unchanged at 250km autonomy but then goes from 30 to 14 hours.



ALIT markets and also exposes the system of air defense medium-range LY-80 which includes the typical organization, a command vehicle, a search radar, and up to 3 platoons comprising a radar guidance for two to four vehicles launched. The reaction time is only 12 seconds with vertically launched missiles cold, their inertial guidance and semi-active radar illumination by intermittent scanning radar can intercept aircraft and up to 40km cruise missiles up to 12 km.

The launch vehicle system LY80

FD 2000 (CASIC)

Within the consortium CASIC (China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp) , the CPIEMC (Precison Machinery China National Import & Export Corporation) is in charge of export. Conceptual model are exposed to a combined mixed cannon / missile short / medium range called TK-1000 . The new missileFD 2000 is designed for medium and high altitude defense from the ground or ships landed near its launch vehicle near the ground electronic scanning radar associated with it. With its steel motor responsible for 803 kg of solid propellant provided by the CCAC , the FD2000 allows interception capability of 125km on combat aircraft, while a ballistic missile with a range of 600km will be reached at 25 km.

The missile and launch vehicle system FD2000

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