Friday, January 11, 2013

Back to intervention Franco-British Aviation Security Air Force and the Royal Air Force worked closely during the interception of civil aircraft in the night of 5 December 2012. The speed and success of this action have demonstrated the effectiveness of bilateral agreements in terms of air defense. Story of a top-flight response.

It is 22:45, December 5, when the center en route air navigation (CRNA) Brest contact center detection and control (CDC) Cinq-Mars-la-Pile to report an aircraft flying Cognac, loss of radio contact and London Luton, Great Britain. In just a few minutes, the Rafale's plot MASA (active measures aviation security) deployed off Lorient order of the national center for air operations (CNOA) of Lyon Mont-Verdun to fulfill its mission of air policing.

The Rafale, under the control of Cinq Mars la Pile, intercept civil aircraft, performs recognition measures distance visual observation and interrogation on the radio distress frequency without response.

Faced with this lack of radio communication of civil aircraft, the CDC French handed over to British control center Boulmer, to convey the situation and allow for further MASA out of the French airspace.

The Rafale then passes under British control until the interceptor English, one Eurofighter continue measures radio interrogation and coercion route. The Rafale leaves the device, then back under control CDC Cinq-Mars-la-Pile and returned to France, his mission successfully. The civilian aircraft was then boarded an air base north of London, to answer the reasons for his lack of radio contact over hundreds of miles.

In the end, MASA could be carried out within a very restricted, safely and without interruption beyond geographical boundaries. This intervention has demonstrated the responsiveness and efficiency of the air defense chain, the CDC are an essential.

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