Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Brigade" and "GTIA" Serval afghanise

Do a little lexicology this morning by reading the update on the situation of the EMA Thursday, January 24 . Here's an excerpt:
"The operations of the day January 24 allowed the redeployment line Diabali - Sévaré the 21st RIMa arms task force (CATF RIMa 21st, commanded by Colonel Gèze), and other elements of the brigade SERVAL. Indeed, During the day, the component units of the IAWG 21st RIMa came together on the line while the ban airmobile group (GAM, commanded by Colonel Gout) and the staff of the brigade SERVAL, commanded by General Barrera, were also moving towards Segou. "

Interesting ... Eve (point 23) , EMA still spoke of "force Serval", now we talk about the "Serval brigade." Point 24 also cites the "21st GTIA RIMa", then two days ago, I had said we could not talk about "GTIA" or "company team". There is thus a kind of Afghanization semantics (I must Michel Goya questions on this topic) and order of battle. Moreover, when I had explained to the chain of command (see my post on this topic), my interlocutor was compared with that of the device ISAF.

Beyond this afghanistation, note the French desire to complete the two "zones" that were offensive axes Islamists. Sending additional resources to Diabali (west) and Sévaré (is) also shows that the EM French also considers that critical areas are wider and they extend to the north-west and south-Diabali is of Konna (Dogon plateau).

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