Sunday, January 27, 2013

Serval lack tanker. Balance means allies engaged

The lack of tankers for arises operation Serval. The French have in all and for all five tankers. And one unit was provided by the coalition - the Dutch KDC 10 - which can also be used to transport equipment. Paris therefore turned to London - which has a capacity of tankers - as well as Berlin, asking them to provide aircraft. The answer is not negative. But behind ... In total when all means are engaged, the French will have eight tactical aircraft, 6 heavy transport aircraft and one surveillance aircraft.

It drags

Negotiation focuses not only on the availability of materials but the billing of travel (especially British side). Speak there any additional costs (such as gasoline) or does it also cost staff and equipment? German side, we know that the obstacle is also the parliamentary consultation. However, we can hope that this request and negotiation could have a positive effect on European military transport device EATC. We know that the extension to the tanker had been considered. It may be that the study of this possibility is accelerated.

British surveillance aircraft and C-17 confirmed

Meanwhile, the British government has confirmed sending a surveillance aircraft Sentinel 5th Squadron, equipped with a surveillance radar Astor. It took off Friday (Jan. 25) of the RAF (Royal Air Force) Waddington to a French air base in Africa (the destination has not been specified N'Djamena?). This shipment is part of a package of decisions adopted by the National Security Council on Tuesday, who has studied the various requests for French assistance. It was also confirmed that the provision of C-17 would be continued.
Reminder of how committed allies side

EU = 8 tactical aircraft (C-130/C-160), 2 heavy transport aircraft (C-17), 1 surveillance plane, two helicopters
Germany: 2 C-160
Belgium: 2 C-130 (Ivory Coast) + 2 A109 (Medevac - Medical Evacuation)
Denmark: 1 C-130
Spain: 1 C-130 (it detaches from the base of Zaragoza on Saturday to Dakar)
Italy: 2 C-130
Netherlands: 1 tanker / transport KDC 10
UK: 2 heavy lift C-17 (already in action) + 1 surveillance plane Sentinell
Outside the European Union
Canada: 2 heavy transport aircraft C-17
USA: 2-3 heavy transport aircraft C-17 (the first part of the base of Istres to Dover and landed in Bamako on 21 January announced the Us Air Force. Wednesday, 5 rotations were performed to to transport 80 soldiers and equipment 124 T)

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