Friday, January 18, 2013

Defense. And we talk of the sale of Rafale to India ...

India may order up to 189 combat aircraft French Rafale from Dassault Aviation, 63 more than the 126 in negotiation, according to sources close to the talks. Still, experience has shown that as long as the sale was not effective, could still derail everything.

"There is an option to purchase 63 additional aircraft for which a separate contract should be signed. Currently negotiating the contract covers 126 aircraft," said a source close to the talks. But "also known as the following," including additional control slices, added another source.
Purchase of 126 Rafale was valued at $ 12 billion by the Indian press. Additional control could bring the total to $ 18 billion, although the amount depends on the outcome of negotiations taking place in the greatest secrecy.

18 built in France, the other in India

In January 2012, India had preferred the Rafale Typhoon built by the Eurofighter consortium formed groups BAE Systems, Europe's EADS and Italy's Finmeccanica, to equip its Air Force. Choice then logically considered " very good news for France . " Dassault and the Indian Ministry of Defense continued discussions to finalize the contract in the coming months.

The first 18 Rafale will be built in France, following the 108 will be assembled in India by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., champion of the Indian aviation that New Delhi was selected as prime contractor.

Many disappointments

"The first aircraft will be delivered three years after signing the contract," he said Thursday one of the same sources. "This is the time necessary for the production chain, the Indian army having first need seater aircraft while Dassault as other manufacturers currently producing cars, "said an industry expert.

Presented as a marvel of technology, the Rafale has difficulty finding markets abroad. Brazil, on long rows, had finally decided in September 2011,  to wait before finalizing the purchase . Other disappointments were even conducted in December 2011, the Defence Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, GĂ©rard Longuet, to consider the suspension of its production .

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