Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Defense - A jump in the computation time of the radar signature


Numerical simulation of surface currents on a Mirage III subjected to an EM wave of 4GHz.
Calculation of 5 million antennas on uniprocessor Xeon 4:30

Through a mathematical formulation original ONERA got spectacular gains in the calculation of SER and ranks the best in the world on this issue.

Radars detect and identify even long distance aircraft, because they reflect some of the electromagnetic waves received. Each plane has indeed its own radar signature - the SER. Being able to provide this signature simulation is decisive as to the design, that when it comes to identify a non-cooperative target.

Maxwell's equations, which describe the behavior of electromagnetic waves and their reflection in particular, show that the plane behaves like an antenna array of the size of the wavelength of the radar beam. To represent an aircraft of several meters, and should appeal to millions "antenna" that emit a few centimeters and interact.

Early 2012, dramatic gains in performance were obtained by a mathematical formulation of the original ONERA based on this approach. The new method was tested on the calculation of a plane carrying weapons and details and results in a gain of a factor 22 on the overall time for calculating the SER, compared to conventional methods. ONERA is the best player in the world in this issue.

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