Monday, January 7, 2013

Delivery of Su-34 and Su-35

Sukhoi completes delivery of five fighter SU-35 fighter-bombers of five SU-34 Russian air forces. These devices fall under the replacement policy fighter SU-27 attack and SU-24.

The SU-35, the ultimate evolution of the SU-27 is characterized by its thrust vectoring nozzles, the engines in mass / thrust improved, new aerodynamic upgrades and weapon system built around a Irbis radar whose antenna is electronically scanned.
The SU-34 is a two-seater attack in which the crew installed side by side in a heavily armored cabin. This unit, characterized by integrated weapon system is capable of handling air targets, ground and naval long distance.

More than a hundred of these aircraft will be in service in Russia in 2020.

Still, unlike the SU-35 which concerns many countries, the SU-34 does not seem a promising commercial future. Indeed, this unique system halfway between the heavy fighter and medium bomber was designed to meet the criteria only Russian air force.

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