Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Detachment "air" book Varennes tenth EOD vehicle

On 13 December 2012, the group of technical workshops detachment "air" 277 Varennes-sur-Allier delivered tenth emergency vehicle in the area of ​​neutralization, removal and destruction of explosives (EOD). This truck, like Renault Master, was presented at the central level of the EOD Air Force, located on the Villacoublay air base 107.

The delivery of this vehicle closes an order placed by the Support Command Air Forces (SCAF) to the group of technical workshops Varennes. The objective was to ensure the convenience of travel and facilitate interventions of the explosive. A total of ten vehicles were made: six vehicles were delivered in 2005, four in 2012.

Significant improvements have been made to adapt these trucks range civil. A study conducted on specialized software, a wooden model was built to achieve the volumes and refine the interior. Several manufacturing steps were needed, combining various trades: installation of electrical, thermal insulation (harness), manufacture and assembly of a floor and furniture (boiler and carpentry).

In addition, technicians Varennes vehicles equipped with an awning that can accommodate the teams and a retractable ramp to board the robot clearance.

From concept to completion, this work embodies a close collaboration between the intervention teams and EOD specialists detachment "air" of Varennes-sur-Allier.

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