Monday, January 21, 2013

EMT flies unmanned helicopter Museco

Germany's EMT HAS Performed the first flight of a modified version of the prototype unmanned helicopter Museco, with the milestone event staged at HAVING beens icts Penzberg / Tussenhausen website on 12 December.

"The Museco platform is one additional option for the unmanned Luna tactical aircraft system, Which has-been operational in Afghanistan since 2003" with the German armed forces, EMT says. "Have a Future operators will choice entre le Museco helicopter or the Luna and Luna NG fixed-wing unmanned aircraft," it adds.

The system flown last month is an enhanced performance development of the Neo S-350 unmanned helicopter designed by Swiss UAV. The company teamed with EMT HAS to offer the concept to potential customers.

Swiss UAV's Neo baseline S-300 unmanned helicopter HAS maximum take-off weight of 100kg (220lb), Including a 30kg payload capacity. This version offers a 90min flight endurance, and a top speed of 65kt (120km / h).

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