Friday, January 18, 2013

EU approves EU mission training Malian army

BRUSSELS - The European Ministers of Foreign Affairs on Thursday approved the establishment of the EU mission to form and rearrange the Malian army, it was learned from European sources.

This decision, taken at a special ministerial meeting to discuss the crisis in Mali, aims to deploy some 450 Europeans, 200 instructors, from mid-February as part of this mission EUTM called.

The schedule was accelerated from a few weeks to take into account the new situation created by the French military intervention launched last Friday.

Upon arrival at the meeting, the French minister, Laurent Fabius, considered normal that European solidarity is expressed. It should be understood that although France is precursor, all European countries are involved in terrorism, he said to the press.

In addition to the European Commission, Mr Fabius said wait until all of the European countries make efforts on financial plans, including the operation to help troops intervened countries in West Africa, and for development of Mali, one of the poorest countries in the world.

Several ministers, including Germany and Spain have expressed their support for various measures presented.

EUTM, which France is the framework nation, has responsibility for forming and advising armed forces (...) to help restore their military capacity with the aim of enabling them to conduct combat operations to restore territorial integrity of the country, according to the EU.

European military will not participate in combat operations, the EU said.

Regarding the hostage crisis in Algeria, Mr. Fabius said he would speak according to developments.

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