Monday, January 7, 2013

European Initiatives in the Maritime Environment

Under the auspices of the Cyprus EU Presidency, the European Defence Agency together with the Cypriot Ministry of Defence organised a seminar on European initiatives in the maritime environment on 18 and 19 October. The seminar aimed at highlighting the need to address the future capacity of Europe to act, taking into account the requirement for appropriate maritime assets within the current financial climate and the need for identification of civil-military synergies.

Maritime security and defence is of high importance for Europe as highlighted by the Council conclusions on Maritime Security Strategy (26 April 2010) and the Commission’s Green paper “Towards a future Maritime Policy for the Union” (7 June 2006). Maritime Security could be considered as three separate pillars of knowledge, regulations and capacity to act.

In the opening speech of the seminar, Mr Demetris Eliades, Cyprus Minister of Defence, highlighted Cyprus’ aim to contribute towards the maintenance of safe navigation, the protection of sea-lines and maritime transportation, in order to enhance security, which would allow maritime nations to make the best use of their maritime wealth and capacities. During the seminar, discussions focused on a strategic approach in the maritime security domain and several supportive actions were presented. Ideas for new Pooling & Sharing initiatives were also identified  

The seminar concluded that for the European Union to be a global actor in the maritime environment, it requires the ability to act within the context of maritime security. The Union therefore needs to identify, in a strategic, integrated and comprehensive approach innovative and bold solutions for short- and long-term response.
More information:
  • For further information, find here the outcome of the Cyprus EU Presidency’s Seminar ,“European Initiatives in the Maritime Environment Future Capabilities, Technologies and Civil-Military Synergies”, 18-19 October 2012.
  • European Defence Agency

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