Tuesday, January 15, 2013

EUTM Mali. Twist the blow to some confusion

We like to confuse leisure operations. As I mentioned recently in Mali, there is not an operation but three separate operations in Mali (read: Mali: three operations in one published earlier this year). And the European operation EUTM Mali is one of the sections of this international strategy to consolidate - or rather rebuild Mali.
  1. Its action is not in the short term but in the medium term. Its aim is not to train "quickly" from a few days to the military. But to reform, rehabilitate the Malian army and functionally organized (which was not the case so far).
  2. It is not intended to be nor executive. There will be no armed soldiers patrol the streets in Bamako, charged with securing a particular sector, such as NATO did in Kosovo.
  3. European Trainers are not intended also to fight. There will not (normally) European forces commandos storm the north. This is a view of the mind.
The recent rebel offensive in the north and the French reaction (accompanied by some European countries and NATO) forces, however contouring this operation. Training data will not be quite the same. And tempo either. Read the EUTM Mali will be more robust

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