Monday, January 21, 2013

Fabius Moscow proposed route of French troops in Mali

Russia has proposed to France to transport French troops or equipment to Mali, revealed on Sunday the head of French diplomacy, Laurent Fabius, also citing a proposal by Canada to carry African forces.

To route the troops of the African force in Mali, there are transport which would in part by Africans themselves, in part by the Europeans, in part by Canadians, he said on Europe 1 radio . And the Russians have offered to provide transportation for the French, so it's quite different, said the French minister.

Since the launch in France of the war against Mali of grouped Islamist armed Russia remained relatively quiet. On January 12, after opening fire, the Kremlin special representative for Africa, Mikhail Margelov, had said that all military operations in Africa should be done under the aegis of the UN and the African Union (AU).

Nobody except Africans can not and must solve the continent's problems, he added.

France intervened in Mali, at the request of authorities in Bamako, following an Islamist offensive south.

The troops of the African force under the UN mission (Misma) could eventually reach 5,500 men, also said Laurent Fabius. The goal, when you add up all the forces can be 5,500 men, he said.

Originally planned UN force of 3,300 African men. In addition, there is now sending some 2,000 Chadian military announced N'Djamena, said Laurent Fabius.

France wants everyone to come on site as soon as possible, repeated the minister, noting that some have arrived in Mali. Paris has 2,000 troops in Mali today, a figure that is expected to increase in the coming weeks, according to Paris.

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