Friday, January 11, 2013

Floating bridge: a technical challenge for the men of the 6th RG

Always eager to improve their skills in the cross fire of the 3eCompagnie Marine combat engineer (3eCCG) constructed a Bailey bridge with the particularity of being based on floating piers.

Advantage of the fact that the camp ThorĂ©e les Pins, near 6eRG, is crossed by the Dormouse, the 3eCCG has updated its expertise in the construction of the Bailey bridge. In fact, such a work had not been done for several years by naval fire, preferring the MLF (Medium Light of crossing) or the support of the EFA (Ground Before the Crossing).

Desiring to add a challenge to maneuver, Captain Badel, commanding 3eCCG, pitted two sections competed on each side to mount each half of the bridge. On the other hand, rather than build real bridge piers, 2 doors MLF were included as "floating bridge piers." In other words, it was to build a fixed bridge on a floating bridge.

Since the delivery of 50 tons of materials necessary for man's arm, until the final assembly of the two halves of the Bailey Bridge through floatation calculations MLF which supported the work, it took 3 days the third GCC. The commanding officer came to symbolically inaugurate the book, which has been successfully tested by a crew P4.

The Bailey bridge is a bridge with prefabricated parts can all be brought to arm men. Of Anglo-Saxon, he was born during the Second World War where many settled in Normandy landings of 1944. Recently the French army built around Beirut (Lebanon), following the destruction carried out by the Israeli army in 2006.

This maneuver was primarily a technical challenge for sections as reference texts do not describe this type of construction. The ingenuity of marine engineers has once again triumphed!

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