Friday, January 18, 2013

France, Germany Set Common Guidelines for Camp Protection Systems

France and Germany Have Agreed on common interoperability guidelines for camp protection systems Following the completion of a three-year European Defence Agency (EDA) project . The guidelines serve as a Could Basis for future procurement as well as European or international standards as possible.

"There's interest from a U.S. institution and This Could Be used for international coalition forces," Said EDA official year.

Germany and France Jointly Launched the project and Financed, Which was contracted out to Germany's Rheinmetall D & E and France's Thales TDA.

"An Increasing number of military staff are Involved in Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) operations and Their protection is paramount for the successful outcome of thesis missions," Said year EDA press release.

Modern camp protection systems Have a variety of sensors, electro-optical and Including infrared (night vision) line sensors (cameras); additional intruder tracking and / or identification systems, and specified sensors for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear terrorism threats.

Examples include interoperability of different kinds of sensors Combining to the central unit of camp protection systems (CPS) CPS information exchange Between different systems, remote control of one by another SPC SPC exchange of spare parts, Such as sensors and effectors (interfaces, protocols) using one of the sensors for recognition by another CPS CPS; Combining two systems and has to protect a bigger area.

Le projet Enables real-time information exchange entre le CPS of different nations (also via SatCom) interoperability of equipment to allow CPS quick and easy replacement of equipment (plug and play); multinational use of national systems due to a multilingual human machine interface, and the enhancement of capabilities by CPS Adding new equipment.

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