Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gripen: the National Committee continues to grimace

The Committee on National Security Policy continues to grin about the planned acquisition of 22 fighter planes. New controversy, the Council of States may have to take a decision without being able to see the purchase contract.

In principle, the Board should consider the cantons in March weapons program providing 22 fighter aircraft Gripen type to 3,126,000,000 francs. But the purchase contract will be available in May, said the chairman of the National Committee Chantal Galladé (PS / ZH) Tuesday told reporters.

This delay has already caused controversy and some senators suggest a postponement of the decision, including the chairman of the relevant committee Hans Hess (PLR / OW). The question does not concern the National Council, called upon to decide later, "but I personally understand the discomfort," said Ms. Galladé.

The competent committee of the State Council shall determine its position at its meetings scheduled for next week and February. Until then, it will have the final evaluation report prepared by an ad hoc subcommittee of the National.

The latter has not ceased to distill the reviews about the choice of Gripen by the Federal Council. The question of the long-term future of the Swedish manufacturer Saab has led the discussion on Tuesday, according to Ms. Galladé.

Ditto the recent idea of ​​the Federal Department of Defence (DDPS) to introduce sanctions for cases where the Gripen purchase contract was not completely filled. Initially, the DDPS did not like this clause and now the spring, criticized Ms. Galladé.

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