Thursday, January 17, 2013

Improved ALPS battery on way

Advanced Lithium Power Source batteries are to be improved for use with the U.S. Army's Long-Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System.

Improvements under the $1.2 million contract from the Defense Logistics Agency to high-tech battery maker Saft, will include quicker recharging, decrease in battery weight and longer life cycle.

"The ALPS battery will provide greater power capacity, speed and efficiencies in the field which are crucial to mission success for our military personnel," said Thomas Alcide, general manager of Saft's Specialty Battery Group. "Saft is proud that this contract and our partnership with the Defense Logistics Agency will result in manufacturing improvements that will meet additional tactical needs in the future."

The ALPS battery is a compact energy storage unit with integrated charger and Saft it will adapt components of its Lithium Battery Box for the Improved Target Acquisition System Lithium Battery Box developed for the TOW missile system. The ALPS integrated charger version will offer 24 to 28V and consist of a 100 Amp hour energy storage unit compatible with military vehicle batteries and AC generators.

The system will be 187 pounds lighter than the current power sources used by the Army's Long-Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System and reduce charging time by 300 percent.

The Long-Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System is a multi-sensor system that detects, recognizes, identifies and pinpoints long-range target locations.

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