Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mali: France denies any extortion of civilians

The military intervention in Mali has not given rise to abuses," said Fran├žois Hollande, while non-governmental organizations have reported possible executions by the Malian army.

Two and a half weeks after the start of the operation Serval, French President welcomed the success of this intervention which, according to him, managed to "protect civilians of all abuses." "The best proof is that the images that television can return during the liberation of cities are pictures of joy to welcome our soldiers and the Malian army," he added. The organization of human rights Human Rights Watch expressed January 19 information about serious abuses, including murder, committed by the Malian security forces against civilians in the town of Niono in the center of the country. According to HRW, the Tuareg and Arabs, two communities similar to the insurgents who control northern Mali,
are particularly affected.

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