Monday, January 14, 2013

Mali: Senegal sent a battalion of 500 paratroopers

After the French army, the Senegalese army should be the second foreign army on Malian soil. Indeed, according to the commandment of the Senegalese army and the Foreign Minister, everything is finally ready for the 500 paratroopers landed in Bamako on Monday to join the French forces and Mali to fight against the Islamists in particular affiliates Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) occupy the northern Mali for almost ten months now.

Everything goes fast on the side of Dakar after the outbreak of war with France and the Malian army. The two countries have launched a military operation Friday night against the Jihadists affiliated with Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which occupy almost ten months now northern Mali. Senegalese Minister of Foreign Affairs Mankeur Ndiaye said Saturday sent Senegalese troops in Mali. "I would first point out that the President of the Republic of Senegal welcomed the diplomatic efforts of France, which allowed us to have the resolution passed 29-80 on December 5 by the Security Council of the UN . Our troops are not yet on the ground, but the president Macky Sall has decided to send dice Monday, January 14th a battalion of 500 men. "

According to information obtained from the military command, the battalion will consist mostly paratroopers camp Thiaroye and Infantrymen of the Thies region. Their mission is to defeat the enemy. According to the head of the Senegalese diplomacy "for the Senegalese troops to fight a work incessantly against terrorism alongside other troops of the African Union (AU) and France. To enable the people of Mali to regain its territorial integrity. Go to Mali is not an operation of peacekeeping. Of course this is a war that must be done on the ground to eradicate all terrorist groups present in Northern Mali and the entire Sahel-Sahelian zone. It really is a war that must be done on the ground to put out of harm's way these terrorists. "

The political class welcomes military action against the jihadists. Like the African Party for Democracy and Socialism of former minister Landing Savane, one of the few political parties to decide on international issues. In a statement, Landing Savane supports all military action to dislodge the Islamic. "And Jef, resolutely pan-Africanist party fully supports the President's decision to engage Malian Traore Dioncounda the army and people of Mali in the just war of resistance against aggression from the North. Our party welcomes the decision of President Fran├žois Hollande to intervene alongside French forces Malian and African forces. "

To watch this great rebellion in northern Mali, the Pan-Africanists appeal to the entire international community to "provide full support to the Malian people and through him to all the peoples of Africa face the threat of terrorism . The party calls on all democratic forces in Africa to establish a broad front of struggle against the forces of fundamentalist terrorists with al-Qaeda to derail their machiavellian plan to colonize African countries. "

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