Tuesday, January 22, 2013

North Korea fired the rocket in December was indeed a missile

North Korea has built independently and without foreign assistance rocket "Unha-3" that it has sent into space December 12, 2012, according to a report by experts from South Korea. The firing rocket, which was succeeded in putting an object in orbit is considered a disguised ballistic missile test by Western countries and violates several UN resolutions.

The South Korean military experts submitted their report. They claim that the shooting was indeed a test of intercontinental ballistic missile with a theoretical range of 10 000 km. Its first floor consisted of four missiles attached side by side, the missiles "Nodong" on rustic but proven technology. Only ten components come from foreign countries: it is electrical components commercially available and produced in China and four other European countries not specified for "diplomatic reasons".

Seoul announced that its report would be forwarded to the UN. The Security Council must vote just this week a resolution aimed at condemning the regime in Pyongyang. However, since December, propaganda it makes the most successful shooting. She even called the North Koreans "Conquerors of Space." Leader Kim Jong-un has been a central element of his speeches. This makes it even more difficult all diplomatic efforts to freeze its missile program

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