Monday, January 21, 2013

Operation Wolverine: Africans fear a stalemate

After unanimously applauded the French military operation in northern Mali Serval, African responses begin to diverge based on national interests.

With the arrival on January 17, 2013, the first contingent of Nigerian and Togolese soldiers, sending two aircraft  Transall  by Germany, and finally, the announcement of the next routing troops and equipment by the United States, the operation Serval international.
Increased internationalization by  taking hostages  in a base near Amenas gas in  Algeria .
With regard to the theater itself, the site of Burkinabe daily  The Nation  points to the procrastination of African leaders and African troops could slow to deploy in the field. 
"Please do not disappoint France!" , as well as the country as a warning to African troops he suspects not react in time.
"The African units, which were supposed to ensure the rest of the ground combat, slow to develop,"  says Le Pays.
For everyday Burkina Faso, the risk of stagnation is great:  the France shall in no event be alone  in northern Mali. 
A warning that reflects the questions that begin with fuser on the impact of the conflict in Northern Mali in other African countries, a week after the start of the French intervention.

The vexations of Côte d'Ivoire

"Let's say he was royally ignored by France,"  exclaims the Ivorian daily  Le Temps , discontent about the head of the Ivorian Ouattara , President of the Economic Community of African States West (ECOWAS), furious at not having been involved in the decision by France to intervene in Mali, who disapproves "the abrupt manner" that the offensive was launched. 
For Ouattara, said the Ivorian daily, any intervention in northern Mali should be preceded by an ousting of the junta leader, Captain Sanogo. As for the latter, the " real fight, this is not the liberation of northern Mali, "  The time ahead.
Although he convened several meetings of Mali, Ivory Coast President therefore has  "never been so cold for the liberation of northern Mali,"  adds the Ivorian daily, before concluding:
"We can say, with the absence of former President [Mali] Amadou Toumani Toure (ATT), the ubiquitous Captain Amadou Sanogo Haya seems pull the chestnuts out of the fire, the liberation of northern Mali, if successful, would benefit many entities actresses, except the head of the Ivorian Ouattara. "

View from Benin, Mali to the north-war shames Africa

In Benin, the time is not the cries of joy.  "War of France that shames Africa,"  as  The New Tribune , which criticizes the attitude of African journalists who would too quickly denounced, the newspaper said, the wait African countries.
"Since the beginning of the expedition of the French army against the jihadists in northern Mali called'' operation'' Serval, the dominant feeling in Africa and Mali itself is joy,  regret and the lives of Cotonou.
He added:  "No dissenting voice, apart from that of Tunisia, whose foreign minister, who said yesterday that this war could be carried out only by Africans."
For New Tribune, the French intervention not bode well. If it allows the French president to improve its image, it is, however, African countries spend for junior players.
"There is something humiliating for us Africans to see a Western power, and moreover the former colonizer, come make war for us, as at the time of colonization and decide how this war will be conducted. '

The heavy silence of Nigeria and Morocco

In Nigeria, is the security situation inside the country that seems more concerned about the media. The country faced repeated attacks by Islamist  Boko Haram .
However, Nigerian troops are deployed in northern Mali since January 17. Deployment which corresponds, according to the  Guardian  of Nigeria, the fear of being confronted with a situation similar to that of Mali.
Evidenced by the remarks of the Chief of Staff of the Nigerian Air Force, Alex Bard, reprinted by The Guardian:
"We will do what Goodluck Jonathan [Nigerian President] asked us to do. He told us to go and help Mali to get rid of these jihadists because he knows that if the Islamists succeed their coup in Mali, will be their next victim Nigeria. "
In Morocco, the Moroccan site explains  Yabiladi we anxiously awaits whether to send troops to Mali, but is more concerned, as in Nigeria, the country's security.
"Morocco is following with attention the war in Mali. Its security services are on high alert in anticipation of possible attacks by terrorist groups that have dealings with the local branches of al-Qaeda who control much of the territory of this country, "  reports Yabiladi.
Hard not to put into perspective the statements of the Moroccan authorities on strengthening security in the kingdom with the hostage site gas to Amenas  by a group linked to al-Qaida. 
They went to the theater of operations in Mali, Moroccan soldiers should also be ready to fight against nationals who joined the Islamists.
Yabiladi is particularly interested in a letter allegedly written by a former Moroccan soldier who joined Ansar Dine, in which he would be asked to Moroccan soldiers could be sent to the North of Mali  "refuse orders their hierarchy " . 

South Africa does not disperse

South Africa, meanwhile, is considering the conflict in Mali without losing sight of the  Central African Republic , where it has sent troops, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
"According to Jacob Zuma, after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi's Libyan president, the political situation in many African countries has worsened, referring to the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic and Mali" , says  Angola Press , commenting on the meeting , January 16, 2013 in Luanda, the South African president and head of State José Eduardo Dos Santos.
For the South African President, it seems that there is a tendency in Africa to the formation of armed groups turning against their governments and then become a rebellion, "  further explains Angola Press. 
So, and if you stick to the site of  Cape Times , attention in South Africa, seems more oriented contingents already deployed in the CAR.

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