Monday, January 7, 2013

Robotics and Nexter created!

Robotics is undoubtedly one of the major technological breakthroughs in the field land currently is becoming an issue for sizing the army. The advocacy group has understood French land and is engulfed, with the robot Nerva (photo) during the last Eurosatory. Today, Nexter formalizes its ambitions and create a new structure, a subsidiary owned 100% independent, with its own premises and means, like other units Nexter (Munitions, Electronics, Systems ...) and named " Nexter Robotics. "

Equipped with a capital of 2.5 million, the new company is based in Satory and already has a small team of 4 people, almost 6, recruiting profiles technicians. "His work ranges from design to marketing mini-robots military and public safety adapted to hostile environments, including manufacturing and support, and has its own means of production," says the new CEO of the entity, Joel Morillon, robotics specialist, formerly Thales.

"Our goal is to have a structure very responsive," says the new CEO, "to enjoy a short loop at the same time with the client to adapt to their needs, but also with the academic world (laboratory , SMEs, schools ...) to set to music that need. "The means of production therefore cover various trades, mechanics, electronics, through the construction of hulls ...

This is an innovative SME that Nexter created with a spirit of "start-up" oriented responsiveness. "The two major axes Nexter Robotics offer a robust, that is reliable and secure, both in its design but also in its operation (with automated features such as a return on its traces when the robot loses the radio signal to the operator is not exposed to danger for recovery ...). Second line of effort: aggressive prices. "Knowing that the price range for a mini-robot starts today from 100 million euros ...

The product range is based on Nerva, which will change and decline. An "XL" version should be released, including a 6-wheel version with a payload greater, view the army, but also a lighter version at low cost.Marketing of Nerva begin in the first half of this year, a technical evaluation is now underway by the 2nd REI (Foreign Infantry Regiment) de NĂ®mes that tests multiple devices.


"It is a emerging market" analysis Morillon Joel, "but the demand is high for this range of robot and Nexter has the means to this new activity. '

And what are the advantages of Nexter Robotics compared to its competitors, such as ACE, which already provided engineering? "The knowledge of the military need" replies the new CEO, "the robot must find a natural place in the units integrated into the vehicle and consistent with other combat systems. Nexter is a systems that benefit from this understanding. "

France is currently in the study phase of employment doctrines of mini-robots. But it is the export could take off the activity of the new company. The Nerva is also presented to the Gulf countries during the next IDEX to be held in February at the Emirates. Nexter Robotics has a production capacity of tens of robots per year and could quickly develop ...

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