Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some details on the Chadian army ... (FOB)

Little information is on the Chadian units arriving reinforcements operation Serval. In total, Idriss D├ęby has decided to send 2,000 men, including at least 200 have already arrived in Niamey. Soon they will be deployed in northern Mali with Nigerians and Malians. About their equipment, armored vehicles and troop transports accompany these forces.

Staff : N'Djamena would show an army of 30,000 men in total after a massive downsizing completed in 2011. The deployment of a force of 2,000 soldiers, 3,000 km from home, is not trivial (for the reasons of this deployment, read the article here FOB).



Chadian forces are fairly well equipped: they have 4 ERC-90 Lynx (Sagaie equipped version of the turret of the AML-90), dating from the late 80s, but also on the paper, 62 AML-90 first generation (dating back 70 years). A score of AML-90 "Eland" of South African origin have been delivered there are less than 8 years, so in perfect condition. Even if the 90 mm ​​gun is not the latest standards, it offers a very interesting firepower. Chadians have also 22 Patsas Bastions
 , French armored vehicles 4X4 (ten in service, the other being delivered in the next two months). More than 110 VLRA They were also delivered and Kerax trucks for heavy logistics. In addition, twenty 4x4 vehicles protected ALTV RTD just reach them. The French army, under the cooperation, they were sold in 2008, forty VAB. Finally, Chad had also ordered 180 light vehicles 4X4 TC-10.


If you do not yet know precisely what materials are involved, Chadians have rustic but modern vehicles and light armored highly mobile and well suited to the theater in Mali.

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