Friday, January 18, 2013

Spanish, Italian and Dutch reinforcement

The Italian Foreign Minister Terzi has confirmed his arrival in Brussels for a meeting of foreign ministers. Italy will provide logistical support to the operation conducted by France in Mali. A C130 Hercules will be available, as well as logistics team, which can be placed on an Italian base in the south, closer to Africa. In addition, Italy will be involved with 24 soldiers for the operation in connection with Mali EUTM mission EUCAP Niger said Minister Terzi, according to my colleague TMnews.

Spain has already expressed its support for the European operation EUTM Mali promising a fifty personal (Guardia Civil). It should also make available a transport aircraft, C-130, or logistic support air base type, if necessary. The presence of combat troops is, for the moment, not planned.

The Netherlands undertake. Cabinet (government) should decide to Dutch support transport logistics operations in Mali. But already there are logistical support through the European transport pool (EATC) .
Apart from combat zones (Mali), Dutch aircraft may be engaged in transport for the benefit of French troops in the territory Europe (eg France), but also to Africa (Chad, Ivory Cöte, ...).

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