Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Canadian military satellite launch postponed again Sapphire

The launch of several major Canadian satellite has been delayed again. Originally scheduled for 12-12-12, December 12, 2012, then postponed to January 12, 2013, the launch has now been postponed to mid-February, announced the Indian Space Research Organization, ISRO, responsible launch.

During a test "thermal vacuum", a problem occurred with the primary payload for this launch, the Franco-Indian satellite SARAL. Canadian satellites are part of them as a secondary payload.

The Defence Minister Peter MacKay announced on October 18 that the first Canadian military satellite would be launched in December Sapphire from India. With nearly four years behind the original schedule, the launcher Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle should be done in the C20 flight December 12, 2012, before it was postponed twice.

On board PSLV-C20 must carry four Canadian satellites: CanX-3A and-3B CanX, NEOSSat and Sapphire built by the Toronto Institute of Aerospace Research Laboratory for Space Studies. CanX-3A and-3B CanX mission will observe the biggest stars and brightest in the sky.

Built by Microsat Systems Canada Inc., Meanwhile NEOSSat be the world's first space telescope to detect and track asteroids and satellites.

Finally, Sapphire is the first satellite dedicated Canadian military and it will upgrade the capacity of Canada's space surveillance. Part of the Space Surveillance Network of the United States, Sapphire enable the Canadian Forces to ensure the security and sovereignty in space. An agreement signed in Ottawa May 4, 2012 provides that the data collected by the satellite will be relayed on the Sapphire space surveillance network in the United States, which will help both countries to better detect orbital debris to prevent them collide with the International Space Station or satellites.

Certainly, 12-12-12, this is not the end of the world, but it has not been the right time for this launch!

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