Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The operation started Anatolian Protector

Vehicles carrying Patriot missiles left the Netherlands and Germany. A convoy of 150 vehicles (6 x 25) has traveled the 300 km separating the barracks Vredepeel port. They shipped the first from the port of Eemshaven, the latter of Travemünde (Lübeck) aboard the DFDS Seaways ferry Suecia. They should arrive in Turkey to 21 or 22 January. German soldiers are stationed in Kahramanmaras, between the air base and Incirlink city of Diyarbakir. The Dutch will be stationed in Adana. Americans Gaziantep.

Elements precursors

Tuesday (Jan. 8), 50 soldiers "precursors" - 30 Dutch and 20 German - boarded two C-130 Hercules German Eindhoven Airport. Destination: Turkey and the air base facilities to prepare Incirlink missiles. 270 Dutch soldiers should follow. And a little more German soldiers. The costs of tasks are estimated at 42 million euros, the Netherlands, according to the Volkskrant. The German contingent includes a total of 350 soldiers and consists mainly of two Patriot fire units of the Air Force. Each unit includes up to eight launchers fire eight missiles, fire control station and a multifunction radar.

Objective: To prevent attacks and prevent the escalation of conflict

The objective of this deployment is only "defensive" as recalled in all different shades political and military leaders of the Atlantic Alliance. As explained by the Dutch General Tom Middendorp, it is to protect the Turkish territory and population against the threat of Scud missiles which, with a range of "several hundred kilometers, can easily reach the Turkish cities. Prevention is always better than cure. And that is why our soldiers leave for Turkey to avoid a missile Syrian, whether or not by accident, finds himself in a large city in Turkey. "But - he added - we will also in Turkey to prevent the escalation of conflict. "For the military," show your teeth from creating more violence. It's really the strength of our armed forces. '

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