Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Tiger HAD finally certified

The Tiger HAD (support and destruction) French has obtained certification. Behind the word "HAD" hides the most complete version of the latest French helicopter gunships. Since this is an ability "missile" now obtains the Tigris, with the addition of missiles made-in-USA Hellfire (Lockheed Martin).

This version will soon complete the already in service "PAHs" (Support Protection), which has "only" the 30 mm cannon from Nexter (still one of, if not the most accurate on the market!) . Tiger wins and versatility. He also won power with the installation of the turbine MTR390 "Enhanced" alias MTR390-E which offers 14% more power off the system. With this new engine, the Tiger can cope with the increased MTOW passing from 6.1 to 6.6 tonnes. Dynamic sets of Tiger were sized to cope with the power increase. All serial Tiger HAD (64 ordered so far, 40 in France and 24 in Spain Israeli missiles equipped with Spike) will be equipped with MTR390-E. The last 16 Tiger UHT controlled by Germany could also be equipped with these engines.

For France, eventually will replace the Tiger Park Gazelle ALT (Light Aviation of the Army) age. Gazelle has also been maintained in service, as still the only French combat helicopter with the possibility of shooting distance against an armored threat missile with its HOT. It will however have to wait a little longer, probably a year for the Army can deploy its first Tiger HAD. With its Hellfire missiles (carrying of 4X2 under wings, laser-guided either by helicopter or by a ground operation), the Tiger can engage armored targets up to a range of 8 km, thus remaining at a safe distance ( The Tiger HAP is now forced to close to 2000 meters to engage a target gun).

Note that the choice of Hellfire, criticized at the time, turns out to be good today. Le Tigre Spanish still struggling with Spike missiles, including the commitment of night ... Finally, note that the Tiger HAD to come into service there for over a year. But, for reasons of economy, the program has been shifted. Too bad, because its use would have been very appropriate at this time in Mali ...

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