Monday, January 7, 2013

Turkey: NATO confirms the initial deployment of Patriot missiles

NATO has confirmed that began Friday to deploy U.S. Patriot missiles in Turkey to protect the border with Syria, Saturday we read on the website of the U.S. military command in Europe (EUCOM).

According to the statement, part of the U.S. military responsible for their installation have already arrived on the Incirlik airbase in southern Turkey. Another 400 soldiers responsible for maintaining missiles, as well as additional equipment will arrive by air and sea in the coming days.

The Alliance ensures that deployment will be "purely defensive" and that he only intended to protect against threats from Turkey to Syria.

November 21, Turkey has formally requested NATO to provide Patriot air defense systems to protect its 900 km long
border with Syria. On 4 December, the NATO Council gave a positive response to the request of Ankara. In total, six Patriot batteries from Germany, the Netherlands and the United States will be deployed at the border between Turkey and Syria. They will be operational by the end of January.

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