Friday, January 18, 2013

U.S. Army Puts Brakes on All Non-War Related Spending, Projects Huge Cuts

Like the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force before it, the U.S. Army chief of staff and the secretary of the Army on January 16 feels a memo to Their Subordinates Outlining drastic cost-saving Measures that Significantly curtail Any work not Directly related to the war in Afghanistan - Including the reset and refit of domestic equipment at Army depots.

While some of the steps outline They are immediate, others will come to pass if Congress continued to fund the Pentagon through the resolutions though Continuing end of the year, and sequestration goes into effect.

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Significantly, it Appears That Any unit may not preparing to deploy Have to wait to undertake most, if not all, training events. The memo instructs Army leadership to "curtail training, Including training events not related to Maintaining readiness for Operation Enduring Freedom, the forward-Korean Deployed units, Homeland Defense and the Division Ready Brigade. Additional exceptions may be made for other mission-critical activities. "

Army Secretary John McHugh and Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno aussi Wrote That "risk Shall be taken in all Areas of training are not related to That thesis protected missions. To the extent That year Action Reducing unit readiness is irreversible, it must be delayed Until schedule is complete and detailed guidance is Provided further Top. "

When it comes to operation and maintenance accounts, it Appears que les cuts and curtailments - They may be whatever - are still Being worked up. Leaders are Instructed to "review contracts and cost studies for savings and can curtail or cancel scheduled and Ongoing studies are not Congressionally directed That or mission-critical."

Additionally, the Instructed Army Materiel Command is to "plan to cancel 3rd and 4th quarter reset and depot service orders and contracts do not That Directly Support Deployed units to a theater or Entering the Army Force Generation-available pool. While planning Shall be made, Shall not be specific actions taken up to 15 February 2013. "

The assistant secretary of the Army for acquisition logistics technology aussi ordered to begin coordinating with program executive officers and industry "to gather data, impacts and economic development of Plans for Assessment Regarding acquisition programs, science and technology activities, and contracts," which will include all Submitting contract awards or modifications over $ 500 million to the under secretary of defense for acquisition technology and logistics for approval.

In addition to thesis effort, the Army is putting aussi year immediate freeze on all hiring except in Civilian boxes of "humanitarian and mission-critical purposes." Est aussi Asking The Army base commanders operating base to Reduce Funding by "at least" 30 percent below fiscal year 2012 levels.

Non-war related training activities and conference attendance are aussi cut. "This Applies to all conferences Whether or not previously approved," the memo states.

The Army chief and secretary Note That Any actions taken must be reversible to "minimize harmful impacts on Army readiness, Particularly for staff and units preparing to deploy. Funding related to wartime operations and wounded warrior programs will be protected. "

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