Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weapons: the Swiss Federal Council refused a sale to Saudi Arabia

The company KRISS weapons can not sell 45 million of equipment to Saudi Arabia. Considering that the weapons might be used in violation of human rights, the Federal Council has veto Wednesday its export demand.

He used his flexibility, justified to the press spokesman of the government Simonazzi. Demand for elements of pistols. Different parts have been delivered in the United States, where they were assembled before being exported to Saudi Arabia.

The case was made public last Thursday by television speaking. The show "10 vor 10" revealed that the arms lobby Swiss sent a letter to the President of the Confederation Maurer to the Federal Council gives green light for sale. He put forward the defense of jobs.

The Group for a Switzerland without an Army (GSoA) denounced the deal, noting that these weapons are intended for the Royal Guard of Saudi Arabia, systematic and seriously violates human rights. According GSoA the sale would have violated the Ordinance on War Material.

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