Tuesday, February 26, 2013

50 years: Happy birthday Transall!

Cow, 50 years already! Monday, Transall's birthday. magazine Air & Cosmos blows his candles papi airline in republishing an article almost as old.

Fifty years ago for the Transall. C-160, a partnership between France and Germany was already a sign of many developments in military airlift. February 25, 1963 If the first of these giants took off, they have since was a little over 200 to take off, with a big fifty under French colors. A birthday that reminds us how the A400-M is expected, starting his ancestor seriously old!

On the site of Air and Cosmos , William Ster, the gentleman Defence Weekly, reminds us how the C-160 is shown in the service of France. "Under the colors of the army of the air, Transall was all commitments , said he: armed conflict, humanitarian operations, missions "special" ... A mobilization and clandestine operation that Serval, currently underway in Mali, will not deny .

The relationship between aviation magazine of reference in France and the aircraft is not innocent: the magazine as a birthday. And for the occasion, he published the new article on March 25, 1963 at Transall . A number that was his first A on the same plane. Tribute to a long history of mutual!

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