Tuesday, February 5, 2013

BAE Training Developing next generation capabilities for the Indian Hawk

Are pleased to announce BAE the extension of the Teaming Agreement with Elbit to Indian economic development of next generation airborne Hawk simulation capabilities.

BAE will Jointly economic development of leading edge technologies as a simulation airborne response to the Indian Air Force (IAF) Virtual Training System (VTS) requirement. The requirement was first Outlined in a Request For Information Issued in 2009 and the companies now Have extended the teaming agreement in readiness for a formal request from the IAF. This combined force will build upon extensive experience Both companies in the field and airborne simulation Incorporate synthetic radar, electronic warfare, and weapons into the Countermeasures Hawk Mark 132 Mission system architecture.

It Will Provide enhanced fast jet training on the Hawk Mark 132 ALLOWING additional skills to be taught to pilots smoothing the transition to front line fast jet Squadrons. The Hawk Mark 132 VTS will revolutionize the IAF pilot training system and make India a world leader in fast jet training.

Michael Christie, BAE Systems Senior Vice President for India said "India is an incredibly large market to us and we are Committed to one for the long term. It's an exciting time for Hawk in India with the aircraft to be successfully built Continuing and Delivered by HAL. Extending the agreement paves the way with Elbit for BAE Systems to Introduce enhanced capabilities to the Hawk Mark 132 aircraft and make training for the Indian pilots even better. "

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