Friday, February 1, 2013

Rheinmetall To Provide aiming gun mount-adaptable system for German Army

Rheinmetall Defence has-beens Awarded a contract to supply high-performance electro-optical (EO) sensors, gun-mount adaptable aiming system (LAZ) for integration with German Army vehicles.

Under the terms of € 55m contract, the company will Deliver 418 LAZ LAZ 200 and 275 400L sensors are installed for around 700 remote control weapon stations (RCWS) on different vehicle types.

The contract has-been Awarded as a share of Bundeswehr procurement program, Which Significantly Improve AIMS to self-defense capabilities of Numerous vehicle types, in addition to Enhancing Their night fighting capabilities.

Serving as the central element of the RCWS's electronic fire control unit, the sensor is able of helping vehicle crew in target recognition, tracking and engagement in the battlefield.

Operating with crew members RCWS Enables to safely sponds to terrorism threats without leaving the armored fighting vehicle compartment, Which Eliminates exposure to Potentially enemy fire.

The legacy weapon systems can be operated only with the hatch open in unprotected mode.

Manufactured at the company's plant Ismaning, the LAZ 200 is a compact and lightweight sensor unit features a thermal imager That with three fields of view in cooled or non-cooled modes and a high resolution CCD daylight camera.

The advanced model is LAZ 400L equipped with a cooled thermal imaging device with enhanced night-vision capabilities, an eye-safe laser rangefinder, as well as operator interface and display devices That year included integral share of the overall weapon station system.

The sensors Already Have proven to be highly effective while operating from Bundeswehr's Fox NBC reconnaissance vehicle M93A1/M93A1P1, Boxer, Dingo Yak and heavy armored vehicles.

Deliveries under the contract are scheduled to continue for the next four years.

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