Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tawazun Precision Industries Enters supply chain agreement with Italian technology provider

During icts presence at IDEX this weekend, Tawazun Precision Industries (TPI), the manufacturer and precision under the filiale Tawazun group, HAS Announced That It HAS Entered year agreement with the Italy-based firm Selex ES.

The partnership is a supply agreement with Italian company Finmeccanica, Selex ES, Which Delivers electronic and information technology systems for defense, aerospace, data, infrastructure, land security and protection, and sustainable 'smart' solutions. TPI will manufacture various components related to Selex ES's RF Seekers, A Fundamental component in the MBDA Marte IT / Otomat missile family.

The Contract Between Selex ES and TPI is supported by MBDA, and is regarded to be the first step Towards cooperation in the future further Top. By manufacturing complex machined parts for Selex ES's SM-1S and 2S ST-seekers, TPI will ACQUIRE specific expertise in producing RF seeker That will pave the way for further Top seal business opportunities in the UAE and abroad Both. In the near future, the deal will allow the two companies to Consider Extending Their Collaboration to-any future evolutions of the Marte family seeker. This is the first time in history icts That, for this Particular technology, the Italian company HAS icts outsourced manufacturing.

Muatasem Awda, Chief Executive Officer of Tawazun Precision Industries, said: "TPI HAS always reaffirmed commitment to icts Ensuring the Ongoing capability-building and know-how transfer to the local UAE workforce in order to enable economic development of products' em to work procedures and adheres That to the Highest international standards. This new agreement is testament That we are successfully fulfilling this commitment. "

He added: "We are steadily Internationally Establishing Ourselves and the addition of Selex ES to our growing portfolio comes down to our compétitivité - from a price, quality and customer service perspective."

TPI was Awarded the contract as a result of icts production line qualification capabilities of the operators and Its Production icts Rigorous quality control processes, all of Which are of international standards and best practice.

Commenting on this new development, Fabrizio Giulianini CEO of Selex ES said: "We are confident That TPI's extraordinary level of capability is the key factor That will help us to continue our commitment to supporting the growth of a strong industrial base in the UAE."

Both TPI acts as a manufacturer and a service center to a number of UAE-based operating companies and agents, as well as Internationally renowned organisms Delivering components to the oil & gas, aerospace and defense Sectors.

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