Saturday, June 15, 2013

Highbush: interactions of the frigate Latouche-Treville

From 5 to 12 June 2013, the crew of the anti-submarine frigate (MDTF) Latouche-Treville led periods of operational instructions for the benefit of marine Cameroon and interaction with the French Forces in Gabon (FFG).

During his stopover in Douala, Cameroon, June 5 to 9, the crew of the Latouche-Treville has made training and training for the benefit of twenty Cameroonian sailors in the areas of navigation, detection and mechanization visit. On June 9, shortly after the equipment of Latouche-Treville, Cameroon Akwayafe patrol conducted a monitoring exercise building.

June 12, off the coast of Gabon, the crew made aviation maneuvers with a Puma helicopter of FFG.
The Puma has conducted exercises winching and landing, and three sailors were then helicopter to Libreville to bring their expertise to repair self-propelled barge.

By late afternoon, the crew members have returned on board the Puma, the MDTF Latouche-Treville who then joined his patrol area in the Gulf of Guinea.
Latouche-Treville is engaged in the highbush operation since 12 April 2013. Highbush is a mission of almost permanent presence of French forces in the Gulf of Guinea, in place since 1990. The device is reinforced by at least one building of the National Navy may occasionally be supported by terrestrial means and airmobile shipped. The highbush device completes the device prepositioned in French West Africa, Gabon and Senegal. It can support any operation, as current or new aid operations to populations, securing or evacuating nationals. Also Corymbepermet achieving missions bilateral cooperation with countries in the region.

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