Tuesday, January 8, 2013

401st Completes M1114 Vehicle Transfer to Afghan National Army

A historic mission for the 401st Army Field Support Brigade came to an end, Nov. 12, when AFSBn-Bagram issued 49 M1114 vehicles to the Afghan National Army, under a Foreign Military Sales case.

The 49 vehicles were the last of more than 950 vehicles that were involved in the program that lasted about two and one-half years. Before the vehicles were turned over to the ANA, they were completely checked and restored to a fully mission capable status at AFSBn-Bagram and Camp Lindsey near Kandahar. In some cases, the vehicle was practically rebuilt from the ground up, while other vehicles required only minor repair and refurbishment.

"Almost every component [of the vehicle] was touched," said Michael A. Fiame, 401st AFSB equipment specialist. "The suspension, tires, whatever was needed."

For approximately one year, AFSBn-BAF conducted a maintenance mentorship program in which Afghan soldiers worked alongside battalion mechanics to learn more about the vehicles and improve their proficiency in maintaining them. They worked on the very vehicles that were turned over to the ANA under the sales case.

"The M1114 transfer was an opportunity for me to see first-hand why I volunteered to come to Afghanistan," said Tarracne C. Fortner, AFSBn-Bagram support operations. "Working with Lieutenant Colonel Wardak was my first experience working with an Afghan military professional. I'm glad I was afforded that opportunity."

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