Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DARPA to Revolutionize Self-Destruct Technologies

Security experts are always seeking new ways to protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) Programmable Vanishing Resources (VAPR) program is exploring self-destructing electronics That Will dissolve on command, taking classified data with it.

Upholding a technological advantage, Particularly in the electronics field, is significant to the U.S. military. Often it is the purpose of sophistication thesis devices, Such as electronic sensors and communication nodes, that 'Their downfall is. Because electronics are so inexpensive to manufacture, battlefields are littered with 'em. They may contribute to though successful missions, Their quantity makes it near impossible for them all to retrieve. This means clustering They may fall into enemy hands to be used again, to make or reverse engineered Countermeasures.

Dissolving Self Destruction

In order to Prevent this circumstance, DARPA, established the HAS VAPR program. The program's aim is to create electronics are as resilient That and efficient as conventional Their Counterparts year goal with Ability to self-destruct because That Will Destroy Them to Themselves on command.

This might conjure images of a James Bond-type screenplay, order these "transient electronics" are Being Dissolved Rather Than exploded. Just a few droplets of liquid can destroy the device beyond repair.

DARPA's previous work helps to build self-dissolving biomedical implants, with the area Expanding into a multidiscipline methodology. Electronic components will be Constructed from materials Normally That function, purpose will be likely to dissolve and Their Environment When triggered.

"The commercial off-the-shelf, or COTS, electronics Purchases are made for everyday durable and last forever Nearly," Said DARPA program manager Alicia Jackson.

That she added DARPA's aim is to manufacture electronics only last as long That They Are as required, with device breakdown Being triggered command signals from gold ranks of environmental conditions, Including temperature.

DARPA is currently seeking basic research into Proposals Creating a self-destroying biomedical or environmental sensor That Has the capacity for communication with a remote user.

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