Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Egyptian President opposed to military intervention in Mali

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi said he was opposed to military intervention by France to Mali, during a speech at the opening of an Arab economic summit in Riyadh.

Any intervention must be peaceful. We do not accept in any military intervention in Mali (...), which is likely to fuel conflict in the region, said the head of state before his Arab peers.

We do not want the creation of a new outbreak of bloody conflict in Africa, said the Head of State of Egypt, from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Dr. Morsi has however expressed its solidarity with Algeria, the scene of a bloody hostage by a commando led by Islamists came Mali. Algiers authorized overflight of its territory by French military aircraft on their way to Mali.

France launched last week a military intervention to assist the Malian army to stop the advance towards the South, under government control, armed jihadist groups occupying northern Mali for more than nine months.

The French army and Malian soldiers entered Monday Diabali and Douentza, two cities which were under the control of Islamist fighters continued their hunt linked to Al Qaeda.

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