Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Military support of Western countries in Mali

A dozen countries, mainly Western, provide military support, including transportation, to the French operation "Serval" in Mali, according to figures released Monday, Jan. 21 by the French Ministry of Defence. Western countries involved including transportation of troops and equipment to the strength of countries in West Africa, which begins to unfold in Mali, and lack of transportation.

Britain has two transport aircraft C-17 available to the Air Force for missions routing equipment from France or in the conflict zone.

The United States make available intelligence resources and a C-17, including forces to help African countries to visit Mali.

Germany participates with two C-160 for cargo transport and health of troops Misma, the strength of the West African countries, as well as an Airbus A-310.

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Denmark has provided a C-130 for a period of three months.

Belgium sent two C-130 and a capacity of evacuation (two helicopters Agusta 109 medicalized), according to figures from the defense.

Canada provides a C-17 transport missions inter-theater.

Netherlands A DC-10 in the Dutch army must be operational this week for freight transport and KDC-10 should be available soon.

Spain has made ​​available a C-130 transport missions and Italy studying a support aircraft. From Monday, two C-17 United Arab Emirates will also be available.

Russia has proposed to France to transport French troops or equipment to Mali, revealed on January 20 the head of French diplomacy, Laurent Fabius.

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