Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Serval operation: immediate boarding for the 92nd RI

92erégiment two companies of infantry (92eRI) Clermont-Ferrand, prepare to be deployed in Mali Operation Serval.

January 12: Cheetah alert is triggered for the raptors 4ecompagnie who had already VBCI. For one week, she prepared and "collisé" its equipment.

January 18, 2013: 34 infantrymen 1eet 4ecompagnie have seen the armored vehicles of infantry combat (VBCI) park warning of 5ebase support equipment Carpiagne (5eBSMAT).

January 19: raptors arrived by bus, Miramas to the assembly area and wait for the army 503erégiment train (503eRT). She joined units of the Army about to be projected.

The armored 4ecompagnie, routed through the track, won the Toulon naval base. After unloading vehicles in the day, 4ecompagnie and other units awaiting their equipment were loaded on board the vessel projection and command Diksmuide.

Soon they set foot on African soil and will join some 2,000 soldiers already there.

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