Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our soldiers are ready to give their lives for us and our country ... Let us give them our blood

Blood collection by the Health Department of the Army

Recent international events remind us of the importance of donating blood or its components.

The primary mission of the Blood Transfusion Center of the Armed Forces (CTSA) is to provide blood products to French soldiers engaged in foreign operations (Guyana, Afghanistan, Africa ...)

The Blood Transfusion Centre of the Armed Forces (CTSA) is the sole manufacturer of plasma lyophilized product indispensable to transfusion support forces in overseas operations.

The CTSA is open from Monday to Friday donors in his establishment on the island Percy, 1 Rue Raoul Lt BATANY 92141 Clamart

Voluntary donors will be taken according to the needs expressed by the hospital and the armed forces:

• In plasma or platelets (45 min to 90 min sampling) essential to go to (Secretariat CTSA)

• In whole blood (15 min sampling, 1/2h presence): it is best to call, even if it is possible to come without an appointment.

(Please bring your donor card)

TEL: Secretariat of the CTSA:

Your donation can save a wounded soldier in operation.

PERCY ACCESS to the hospital, and practical details

To get to the CTSA: Percy Island, 1 Rue Raoul Lt BATANY 92141 Clamart

The CTSA is immediately adjacent to the intersection of routes Lt Rue Raoul BATANY , Verdun Street and Avenue Henri BARBUSSE

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