Thursday, January 24, 2013

Russia wants to build a new shipyard in the Black Sea

The Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced that new infrastructure dedicated to shipbuilding and maintenance of buildings in the Black Sea fleet would soon starts on the Russian coast of the Black Sea.

It is in the context of a conference held in Sochi (Russian coast of the Black Sea), which was devoted to the development of Russian shipbuilding capabilities in the Black Sea that Dmitry Rogozin announced the intention of Russia soon launch the construction of new infrastructure shipbuilding. Novorossik cities of Sochi and should, according to the Deputy Prime Minister, be affected by these new facilities for the production and maintenance of vessels, particularly those of the Black Sea Fleet. Other sites may also be relevant, such as Tuapse example.

Dmitry Rogozin deplored the fact that the main river shipbuilding are located in the North (Severodvinsk, but Kaliningrad) and the Far East (Amur region and Bolshoi Kamen ), and recalled that the former Soviet major projects south are all now in Ukraine (Nikolayev, Kherson, Odessa). Russia must send its vessels engaged in the Black Sea perform their repairs in Russian shipyards in the Baltic Sea (in the recent case of submarine Alrosa ) or rely on the capacities of its neighbors (Bulgaria, Ukraine).

The creation of this infrastructure is all the more urgent that the Black Sea Fleet, mainly based in Sevastopol (Crimea), is currently undergoing an extensive modernization program which will lead to the assignment of 15 new buildings surface and submersible classic 2020. These ships must have all the necessary facilities for their maintenance and modernization, which does not prevent cooperation with Ukraine in the field. The Ukrainian authorities also regularly said they would prefer to see the Russian vessels to be maintained in Bulgaria or Ukraine rather than in the Baltic Sea. In addition, Moscow will also need industrial capacity located in the Baltic Sea and the North for the construction, modernization and repair of units assigned to these respective areas.

Russia has launched a program to modernize its shipyards for the period 2013-2030 in which it intends to inject 15 billion euros.

Sources: vpk-name; Naval Today.

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