Monday, January 14, 2013

Poland supports the end of a lip action from France to Mali

European first false note, coming from Warsaw. In a statement issued on Saturday (January 12), Marcin Bosacki, the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry expressed " deep concern over the escalation of military operations, started by radical groups rebels in northern Mali. These developments have the potential to further destabilize the entire region "he says before adding the Polish position.

International cooperation rather an action military?

Poland defends active international cooperation to restore the stability of Mali, in line with the position taken by the European Union and in the spirit of the decisions taken by the United Nations and the African Union. " He believes that " bilateral aid from France to Bamako authorities also understandable . " Understand ... support is weak!

To be fair, the spokesperson then condemns " firmly measures taken by international terrorist groups guided by religious extremism destabilizing the region . "And he concluded with a" call to the Malian authorities to expedite work on the roadmap outlining the steps leading to the restoration of constitutional order in that country . "

First analysis: contingency reserve (weekend) or deeper

Poland marks a certain reserve in relation to the military action which France is reminiscent of the German reserve (also Polish) during the NATO intervention in Libya. Reserve is not unexpected. It should be noted that Poland remains very unclear for several months on its concrete commitment in the European operation training Malian army (EUTM Mali).

Now we must see if this position will spend the weekend. And if it does not trigger a correction side including Prime Minister Donald Tusk. Do not forget that Poland is not only a member of the triangle (5) Weimar (ca clashes) but that further negotiations are involved (including financial framework, future appointments). A quack "repeated" could tarnish the good relations between Paris and Warsaw and eventually turn against it. Paris is this operation supported by most of the "big" countries (and the USA).

However, do not deny a certain distrust, even some irritation for several months, diplomats from several European countries to the avant-garde (not to say adventurism) from France to Mali. Warsaw is not, in this case, isolated. Some diplomats believe that the European commitment in Mali EUTM spring more from a position due to the past of France and a real threat and are committed backwards ...

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