Monday, January 14, 2013

Four Rafale BA 113 led airstrikes near Gao, Mali

Four aircraft Rafale Fighter, which took off this morning from Saint-Dizier (52), hit on Malian soil. They destroyed training camps and logistical depots armed groups.

The Defence Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian said in a statement:
"This mission was carried out by four Rafale flew from France and reinforce the French air device." "The French fighter was targeted and destroyed several targets Sunday" in northern Mali "near Gao."
According to the minister, "training camps, infrastructure and logistics deposits constituting the rear bases for terrorist groups" have especially been destroyed.
Mali, France has deployed hundreds of soldiers on the ground. French aircraft struck the north of the line that divides the south of the controlled area since the spring by Islamists. The Rafale BA 113 Haute-Marne parties this morning are posted in N'djamena in Chad. These fighters could intervene in case of need for additional air support on the African continent.

BA 113 in Saint-Dizier, Haute-Marne
With two squadrons of Rafale Hunting or fifty planes, the role of the military base is to participate in the strategic functions of defense and national security. She carries out tasks of deterrence, protection and intervention conducts many training crews. On the site of Saint-Dizier, about 2,000 people work there, under different commands.

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