Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Poland undertakes practical in operation [EUTM] in Mali

Received at the Elysee Palace on Monday (January 28), the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk was keen to emphasize Poland clearly supports the mission of France to Mali " from the beginning ". "This is not just a gesture Solidarity against our ally, this comes from our conviction after analyzing the situation on the African continent as a whole, particularly with regard to North Africa. The stability of this region is in the interest of Europe and the entire world. '

Participation of 20 teachers

The cabinet (government) should meet tomorrow (Tuesday 29 January) in Warsaw to decide on the participation of the Polish instructors EU mission training Malian army. Poland and should announce the participation of twenty instructors EUTM Mali. Is more than what was initially announced (ten). A decision should be taken to ensure "organizational and logistical support" ongoing operations, such as Operation Serval, we are assured in Warsaw.

Possibility of delivery of weapons

Polish Prime Minister has clearly mentioned at the press conference, the possibility of delivery of weapons or equipment. " If the need arises regarding armaments, whether Poland can help at the hardware level, we are available. It is the defense minister will discuss the details. " "We are able to react quickly to certain details of our side, there will be no delay in respect of the aid , "he assured.

Weimar-Visegrad summit in Warsaw

More generally discussed defense issues, a " significant main subject matter of the conversation with French President "and the joint meeting of the Visegrad Group and Weimar will be held on March 6 in Warsaw. Theme of this summit meeting - to be attended by French President Fran├žois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel - "the future of Europe, and works in the defense of Europe."

But there was not the defense of the meeting menu

The two leaders reaffirmed their commitment to support the common agricultural policy and the mechanisms of cohesion policy as "necessary to prevent the crisis" and explained D. Tusk. They also show for the European Council meeting in Brussels in February, a common desire to maintain the highest possible level of these policies. " Any changes should not be at the expense of cohesion policy and the common agricultural policy "they said in unison.

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