Friday, January 11, 2013

The Charles de Gaulle technical stop until the summer

The aircraft carrier of the Navy began to Toulon unavailability for maintenance through (IEI). This technical stop, which will last until July, is intended to give potential to the building, which will enjoy a tour of its various facilities, including propulsion, as well as the treatment of certain obsolescence. While preparations for the IEI began Dec. 20, when Charles de Gaulle left the dock to moor Milhaud six basins near Vauban, the drydock is slightly delayed. Fire, presumably from accidents, has in fact destroyed on 30 December the control panel of the pumping station of the form in which the carrier must enter. If the pumps to drain and dry the basin have not been damaged, the control panel must be repaired and the entire installation inspected, especially since it is hosting a building nuclear powered, which implies drastic security measures. The drydocking of Charles de Gaulle would ultimately intervene late January, about two weeks later than originally planned.

With 5000 lines of work, this technical stop, led by prime contractor DCNS contract holder operational maintenance of the aircraft carrier, will involve, in addition to teams in the group, one hundred companies sub- contracting. Some 500 sailors of the crew of Charles de Gaulle also participate in the site.

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